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# nighttime This is a fork of [After Dark](, a theme for [Zola](, with aditional suppot for tags and sections. ![after-dark screenshot]( ## Contents - [Installation](#installation) - [Options](#options) - [Top menu](#top-menu) - [Title](#title) ## Installation First download this theme to your `themes` directory: ```bash $ cd themes $ git clone ``` and then enable it in your `config.toml`: ```toml theme = "nighttime" ``` This theme requires your index section (`content/`) to be paginated to work: ```toml paginate_by = 5 ``` The posts should therefore be in directly under the `content` folder. The theme requires tags and categories taxonomies to be enabled in your `config.toml`: ```toml taxonomies = [ # You can enable/disable RSS {name = "categories", rss = true}, {name = "tags", rss = true}, ] ``` If you want to paginate taxonomies pages, you will need to overwrite the templates as it only works for non-paginated taxonomies by default. ## Options Because this is, mostly, After Dark with support for extra stuff, it still uses the same options as After Dark. If you're already using After Dark, there are no changes in your configs that need to be done, besides changing the theme name. ### Top-menu Set a field in `extra` with a key of `after_dark_menu`: ```toml after_dark_menu = [ {url = "$BASE_URL", name = "Home"}, {url = "$BASE_URL/categories", name = "Categories"}, {url = "$BASE_URL/tags", name = "Tags"}, {url = "", name = "Google"}, ] ``` If you put `$BASE_URL` in a url, it will automatically be replaced by the actual site URL. ### Title The site title is shown on the homepage. As it might be different from the `<title>` element that the `title` field in the config represents, you can set the `after_dark_title` instead. ## Original This template is based on the Hugo template