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# NC-DIRS ## What is this? When you're using [NextCloud]( (the "nc" part of the name of this) and you're using an object store (like [AWS S3]( or [Digital Ocean Spaces](, it will need some special files, marked with content-type "unix/http-directory" to understand directories; when those files are missing, NextCloud will not show the directories. Uploading files directly from the NextCloud interface will create those files, but you use some other tool, like [s3cmd](, for example, those files will be missing. `nc-dirs` will scan the object store and add the missing "directory" files. ## Running To run, you'll need some environment variables: * `NC_REGION` with the region name. * `NC_ENDPOINT` with the storage endpoint. * `NC_BUCKET` with the bucket name you want to scan and ensure the files are there. * `NC_ACCESS_KEY` with the access key to access the bucket. * `NC_SECRET_KEY` with the secret key to access the bucket. (`NC_ENDPOINT` may seem redundant if you're using AWS S3, but as a Digital Ocean Spaces client, I need that to be able to access it properly.)